Chapter 3: Terrible texting!

Cons of texting:

Another text messaging related concern among parents is the relatively new phenomenon known as sex-ting. Sex-ting is when someone sends another person (or multiple people) a provocative message or nude or semi-nude pictures, usually of themselves. A poll on CosmoGirl.com, along with the Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, reveals just how common this practice has become: roughly 20% of teens admit to sex-ting, with a slightly higher number of boys admitting to it than girls.
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Texting while Driving
Perhaps the most physically dangerous result of avid text messaging is texting while driving. A 2006 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 80% of crashes in America are caused by distracted drivers. NHTSA defines a distraction as “anything that takes your eyes off the road (visual distraction), your mind off the road (cognitive distraction), or your hands off the wheel (manual distraction).” A person who is text messaging while driving is susceptible to all three types of distractions at once. The Administration, along with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, also found that 80% of auto accidents occur within three seconds of a distraction. For the average user, even typing a short text message reply takes more than three seconds. And a 2007 American Automobile Association (AAA) study found that 46% of teens admit to being distracted by text messages while driving.
Some examples of the dangers of text messaging while driving include, a 17 year old driver who was text messaging and collided with a tractor trailer, resulting in five deaths; a Los Angeles teen died in a solo-car accident while texting; and an Indiana teen was driving too fast while texting and wrapped his car around a utility poll. All three examples occurred within the past year.
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