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spaceUnfortunately people who are bullied sometimes become depressed and may commit suicide. Here are some real life stories about
regular everyday kids who are/were bullied.
space space space space space space space space space Megan Meier

spaceMegan Meier, 13, began receiving nasty messages from a boy after a few weeks of an online flirtation with him, via her MySpace account, ending with one that suggested “the world would be a better place” without her. Megan, believing she had been rejected by "Josh," committed suicide in her home.
Megan Meier was a 13 year old from Missouri who struck up an online friendship on the popular social networking site MySpace with a person she believed was a new boy in her hometown. In actuality, the “friend” was a group of individuals, including adults, who were intent on humiliating the poor girl because of a friendship with another child that had gone awry. Megan was very upset when she found out the truth, then later committed suicide once the friendship had terminated. The horrifying case stunned the community and caused state government officials to pass some of the harshest cyber bullying law in the country.

space space space space space space space space spaceeeKylie Kenney

spaceKylie Kenney, an eighth grade student from Vermont lost two years of her life as a result of cyberbullying from classmates. From junior high through her sophomore year of high school, Kylie was forced to deal with websites created by her classmates that featured names like “Kill Kylie Incorporated” that were filled with threatening, homophobic remarks about the young girl. These hurtful kids obtained screen names with handles close to Kylie’s name and used them to make suggestive remarks and sexual advances on Kylie’s teammates on the field hockey team. As a result police filed charges of harassments against the individuals responsible.

spacespacespacespacespacespacespacespacespacespaceAlexis Pilkington
spacePolice are investigating whether cyberbullies contributed to the suicide of a teen in the Long Island, N.Y. town of West Islip. The nasty messages continued to show up online even after her death. Soccer star Alexis Pilkington, 17, took her own life March 21 following vicious taunts on social networking sites -- which persisted postmortem on Internet tribute pages, worsening the grief of her family and friends. Alexis' parents downplayed the role the Internet played in her suicide, saying their daughter was in counseling before she ever signed up with, a new social networking site, where many of the attacks appeared.

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