space space space space space space space Top 5 Ways to Stay Safe Online

1. Do Not Open E-mail Unknown Sources
spaceDelete email from unknown sources. Watch out for files attached to e-mails, particularly those with an "exe" extension-even if people you know sent them to you. Some files transport and distribute viruses and other programs that can permanently destroy files and damage computers and Web sites. Do not forward e-mail if you are not completely sure that any attached files are safe.

2. Use Hard to Get Passwords and Keep Them Private
spaceDo not write passwords down on small pieces of paper taped to your computer. You would be surprised how many people are sloppy about keeping their passwords private. Passwords that are easy to-guess are a bad choice. In other words, if your name is "Dan" do not make your password "Dan." Change your passwords regularly and don't give your passwords to anyone! Tell your family that combinations of letters, numbers and symbols are harder to crack than just words.

3. Protect Your Computer with Firewall
spaceInstall firewalls for your family-it is not difficult. A firewall helps prevent hackers from breaking into your computer or the computers that belong to your family. Firewalls help prevent thieves from stealing and using private information including your phone number and credit card numbers, which may be stored on a family computer.

4. Disconnect from the Internet When Not in Use
space The internet is a two-way road. You get information and also send information. Turning off the internet makes sure that someone else on the internet can't access your computer and cause harm. Disconnecting your computer from the internet when when you are not online lessens the chance that someone will be able to access your computer and do harm.

5. Back-up Your Computer Regularly
space You should always back-up your computer regularly. You should store the information on a CD or memory key. This makes it so if your computer gets a virus and you lose all your information, you still have your information stored and you can load it on your computer.

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