Many people don't realize it but even video games can
be dangerous. Because people can chat through
them kids can try to meet up with people they talk to
through video games. Kids might say that its no big
deal but it is. They could begin a conversation talking
about the game. Then it could turn into something like
meeting up.

here is an example

By playing a universal game in which people from all
over the world your child could talk to anyone. The
person could talk to someone younger than them. The
person could also be older than them. Some people lie
about there age to seem more mature. It could attract
people the age that they say they are.

facts about games

Then they would lie to the people that they are talking to.
By lying to them the people could try to meet up with them
thinking that they are there age. Even if the child thinks its
cool its not it puts the child in danger. Then the people could
report thet your child is lying about his/her age and be baned
from the site.