There are many ways to stay safe online. One way is by being respectable
person online. By being respectable you won't have a reason for someone
to start being a bully. Also by being respectable you are letting that person
know that you would like to be treated with respect.

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If you don't know who it is don't talk to them. By doing this you prevent a
problem from arising. You also won't let any unwanted virus or software
in to your computer if the email contains any. Also you can let a trusted
adult know if you are getting emails from unknown sources.

Another way to stay cyber safe is by reporting any mean or hurtful texts,
or emails. By doing this you can stop a problem before it gets worse. By
stopping the problem you are keeping your self cyber safe!! Keeping your
self cyber safe it is important it lets the cyber bully know you know what to
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