There are many ways to be cyber safe. Here
are our top five!!

1. Use passwords that are very hard to figure out.

2. Don't open emails that you don't know who they
come from.

3. Keep up with your anti-virus software.

4. Don't share your computer with people you
don't know.

5. Have your family check your computer often.

about cyber bullying

By doing these five things you can be cyber safe. All
you have to do is apply these things to your self. It is
easy and convenient. You are being safe and responsible.
By doing that you don't have a lot to worry about.

about online predators

There are many other ways to be safe but these are
our top five. Thank you for visiting our cyber safe site.
To find out more go to this wiki to find more sites that talk about being cyber safe!!
Thank you and stay cyber safe!!!